Fresh oysters /creuses umami  No.3/shalot dressing/6psc                                                        15,-

Tuna tartar/pommes fritter cube/sundried tomatoes/capers/sesame seeds/greens                    15,-

Prawn and kohlrabi „ravioli“/Granny Smith apple purée /candied lemon zest                              9,-

Oven baked beetroot tartare/goat cheese cream /beetroot leaves/roasted pinenuts                    8,-

Salad/camembert /autumn apple/rucola/caramelized walnuts/pitted dates/cider dressing            8,-

Carpaccio cannelloni/Black Angus beef / sundried tomatoes/mozzarella/Harry bar sauce            12,-


Main course                                       

Fresh pike-perch fillet and shrimps mousse in Savoy cabbage/Portuguese bolinhos                   18,-

Black halibut fillet/musselscouliflower  purée /citrus beurre blanc/“black“ roe/citrus fillet           18,-

Aged ox antrecote/camembert/marrow bone with black puding/baby potatoes/leek „hay“          18,-

Lamb shoulder/ bacon/forest mushrooms/baby carrot/cellery mousseline                                 18,-

Red partridge /stuffed with dried fruit/ parsnips cream/kale/ /lingonberries sauce                     20,-

Tortelini with venison/our consome from game /mushrooms/greens                                         12,-

Veg/steamed romanesco cauliflowers/ ghee buter/ almonds and panko crumbs/green peas purée 12,-



Wine-poached pears /gorgonzola ice-cream/almond and sesame florentine                                     7,-

Chocolate ganache/brownie with nuts /beetroot powder/ strawberry sauce                                     9,-

Crème brûlée a la Marché                                                                                                           7,-

Grape sorbet/ with Aperol and black pepper/grape  from our restaurant courtyard                           6,-


 *We offer fresh bread /salted country style butter/olive                                                                2,-

*Some of our dishes contain allergens , please let us know if you have any allergies.