Fruit de mer

Oyster au gratin/creamy spinach sauce/oyster sabayon/3psc /9,-

Sea snails  a la Provençale/crunchy vegetables/aioli /12,-

Creamy apple cider mussels/~750gr/apple/pumpkin cream/leek/French fries /18,-


Salad/ appetizer

Tuna tartar/pommes fritter cube/sesame seeds/green oil  /15,-

Black halibut carpaccio/grapefruit/pears/grape/ponzu sauce/estragon majo/greens /10,-

Prawn and kohlrabi „ravioli“/Granny Smith apple purée /candied lemon zest/9,-


Warm camembert and autumn apple salad/rucola/caramelized walnuts/pitted dates/cider dressing /8,-

Goat cheese/warm beetroot/greens/balsamic cream / 8,-

Ceasar‘s salads/cod and shrimps croquettes/ dried egg yolk/pancetta crumbs /8,-


Estrela‘s venison tartare/special recipe/quaill egg/glass potato chips/vasabi aioli /12,-

Carpaccio cannelloni/Black Angus beef /truffle/sundried tomatoes/parmigiano/Harry bar sauce/greens/12,-

Duck and game terrine à la provençale/home made pumpkin jam/ fruit bread crisps /9,-



Roasted cauliflower cream soup /coconut milk/tofu/fresh tumeric /radish/sunflower seads/greens/8,-

Appetizer and main course vegetarian/vegan

Fake veg tartar/puffed rice cake/tomatoes/greens/ sesame and chia seed /7,-

Berber couscous/7 veg/raisin/olive/salted lemon/carrot cream/10,-

Japanese long eggplant/ fried tofu/hummus/greens /12,-


Main course from fish & poisson

Pikepearch fillet and srimps mousse in Savoy cabbadge/portuguese bolinhos/green peas mousseline /18,-

Black halibut fillet/mussels/cauliflower mousseline/citrus beurre noir/“black“ roe/citrus fillet /18-

Poached Scottish salmon with teriyaki sauce/warm beet carpaccio/salted lemon/greens /18,-


Main course from meat & poultry

Venison loin/cellery mousseline with ceps/colorfull carrots/kale/red wine sauce/ 20,-

Roebuck leg/sous vide 62C24H/couscous with veg/raisin/salted lemon/pomegranate sauce /20,-

Aged ox antrecote/~200gr/fries patatas bravas with 3 dip/baked cherry tomatoes/20,-

Boeuf Bourguignon/braised ox cheeks/bacon/mushrooms/baby carrot/cellery mousseline /18,-

BBQ- baked pork ribs/ glazed peach/red onion salad/potatoes chips/18,-

Duck  magret a la orange /carrot-orange mousseline/baby carrot/polenta /18,-



Chocolate ganache /brownie with nuts /beetroot powder/ sea buckthorn sauce /9,-

Yogurt and mascarpone  semifreddo with poppy seads/almond sauce/dried prunes with almonds/9,-

Crème brûlée a la Marché /7,-

Grape sorbet with Aperol and spearmint /grape  from our restaurant courtyard /6,-


*We offer fresh bread /salted country style butter/olive/ 2,-

*Some of our dishes contain allergens , please let us know if you have any allergies.