Salad/ appetizer

Oyster  Bretagne  No.2 /6psc /15,-

Sea snails  a la Provençale/crunchy vegetables/saffron aioli /12,-

Boiled octopus/beetroot majo/pickled vegetables ala vinegret/quail egg /15,-

“Snails in the garden“/beure verde/radish/lamb lettuce /„soil“ from rye bread /10,-

Tuna tartar/pommes fritter cube/sesame seeds /greens /12,-

Burrata di buffala/heirloom tomatoes/fresh basil/pine nut /10,-

Goat cheese/beetroot/beetroot jelly  and juice/beetroot leaves /10,-

Estrela‘s roe deer tartare/special recipe/quaill egg/salsify root chips /12,-

Venison carpaccio/beetroot/radish/parmigiano cheese/spinach leave/Harry bar sauce /9,-

Game terine/wild boar/foie gras/ duck filletnuts/carrot –ginger  sauce /9,-


Hot appetizer & soup

Fresh green and white asparagus/hollandaise sauce/ poached egg /12,-

Coquilles St.-Jacques/scallops and prawn/baked in own shell with vermouth sauce and veg  julienne /13,-

Asparagus cream-soup/poached egg/green asparagus/ bacon crumbs /8,-


Main course from fish & poisson

Fresh Iceland cod/pizzaiola sauce/potatoes foam with truffle oil/black olive crumble /18,-

Pike-perch /fillet /fish catch in Currish lagoon/ beluga lentils with spinach/pike-perch roe /18,-

Organic salmon/baked on Canadian red cedar plank/ green salad /18,-



Main course from meat & poultry

Venison steak/forest mushrooms  tartar/Jerusalem artichoke cream /26,-

New York steak /aged Black Angus sirloin with bone/~220gr / pomme frites/ green salad /18,-

Carré of lamb /Jerusalem artichoke  and green peas mousseline/mint oil /26,-

BBQ- slow cooked spare  ribs/home-made BBQ sauce /baby  potatoes /18,-

Wild boar loin/oven baked sweet potatoe mash/red cabadge jam/demi glace sauce with chocolate /16,-

Lamb shank/Jerusalem artichoke  and green peas mousseline/mint oil /17,-

Fat duck/duck  magret a la orange /pumpkin jam/chips /19,-



Crème brûlée a la Marché /7,-

Pavlova/merengue/ whipped cream/ persimmon sauce /7,-

Homemade cheese cake/fresh berries /7,- 

 „Shredded“ chocolate brownie/chocolate crisp/passion fruit/buckthorne sauce /7,-

Winter lemon/lemon sorbet /5,-


*We offer fresh bread/salted country style butter/2,-